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Welcome to Cheap-Rate .com! If you're shopping for the BEST T1 Rates, cheap prepaid long distance phone service rates for domestic or international calling, then you've come to the right website. Compare home phone service, prepaid phone card rates and service below from the top calling card service provider. Prepaid long distance is a inexpensive way to make domestic and international calls. Speedypin phone cards have the best rates for making international calls, use our calling card rate calculator below  or click on one of the countries below to have a new page open up with detailed information and choices for the lowest price international calling. Also check our Tel3 Advantage prepaid long distance and international rates, use this link for Tel3 Advantage Rates.

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Lowest Phone Card Rates Calling From the USA

Country Mins    Rate
Country Mins  Rate   
  Afghanistan 86      11.6/min 
Mexico   2500      0.4/min   
  Australia   1111      0.9/min 
Morocco 714      1.4/min   
  Belize 62      15.9/min 
Nigeria 294      3.4/min   
  Brazil   1250      0.8/min 
Pakistan 500      2.0/min   
  Canada 3333      0.3/min 
Palau   270      3.7/min   
  Colombia 1111      0.9/min 
Panama 625      1.6/min   
  Cuba 17      58.0/min 
Peru   1666      0.6/min   
  Dominican Rep. 526      1.9/min 
Philippines 123      8.1/min   
  Ecuador 136      7.3/min 
Romania   1111      0.9/min   
  Ethiopia   59      16.9/min 
Russia   1666      0.6/min   
  Germany 1666      0.6/min 
South Africa 769      1.3/min   
  Ghana 121      8.2/min 
South Korea 1428      0.7/min   
  Honduras 129      7.7/min 
Thailand 1428      0.7/min   
  India 1250      0.8/min 
Trinidad & Tobago 232      4.3/min   
  Iran   344      2.9/min 
Ukraine   222      4.5/min   
  Jamaica 196      5.1/min 
United Kingdom 2000      0.5/min   
  Kenya   454      2.2/min 
Vietnam 476      2.1/min   
 Minutes reflect optimal use of a $10 card.   
 Rates for major cities or regions   


Compare Home Phone Service Long Distance Rates

Company Interstate Rate** Monthly Fee Minimum call/Billing Increment Billing Options/Payment Options More Info / Order
1. ECG 2.5 $0.00* 6/18 seconds EasyPay & EasyBill Only (Electronic) Opex Communications - More Info / Order

More Info:  ECG phone service offer's a cheap flat interstate rate of 2.5 cents per minute with low in-state and international rates from ECG Phone Service, NO Monthly Minimums, and 6 Second Billing. Absolutely the Cheapest Long Distance plan available today! Available Nation-Wide from Enhanced Communications Group!

* $0.99 fee applies


** Interstate rates above may not be available in all areas.  Please check with provider to determine availability.



Tel3 Advantage - The best long distance prepaid calling plan. Tel 3 Advantage has cheap prepaid long distance and international phone service rates with no hidden fees or taxes. It can also be used from any phone without changing companies and there are no contracts or long term obligations. That is why it has been used by over 100,000 individuals and businesses for making cheap long distance domestic and low cost international phone calls for over 5 years.  Sign up now and get a savings offer.


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